Financing Motor Vehicles

When looking to finance your new motor vehicle consider using a Financial Broker.

At Interstate Finance and Leasing, our experienced team are ready to arrange the finance you need, tailored to meet your financial situation and budget. All with minimal inconvenience to you or your business.

With our extensive range of products and access to a large number of financial institutions, it means we can offer the most competitive rates with a personalised service. The terms can range from two to five years, with or without balloons and the rate is fixed and not affected by any interest rate increases. We can arrange to refinance the balloon at the end of the term.

Whether it is Chattel Mortgage, Novated Leases or Commercial Hire Purchase Agreement, we aim to keep your business moving with your new vehicle acquistion.

We can also offer no document car finance, using self-declared income. If you are self employed with an ABN and have been in business for at least 12 months, then this no doc apllication can be a simple and quick process. At no extra cost to you with a quick approval time. Other conditions required; be a home owner/ mortgagee and are purchasing a new or used vehicle less than 5 years old. The vehicle acquisition must be under a three year period of time. If you fit between these guide lines, then this could be the no fuss easy upgrade of your motor vehicle.

So if you are thinking about upgrading or expanding your motor vehicle fleet and want to compare all your options, give us a call direct on: (07) 4633 1744

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We are there to help with all your financial requirements.